The Nintendo Gamecube has a ton of Great mods for it in the current year!
I have a video on the Installation of the Xeno Modchip install here!

 The Xeno allows you to play burned games as well as games from other regions.

In addition to that you can run Swiss which is an All in one UI that allows you to run homebrew games. Just burn latest release to a mini cdr and you're ready to rip!

If you're interested in playing Gameboy, Gameboy Color, or GBA games on a modern display then a modded Gamecube with a GB Player is what you'll need!

Using a homebrew application called GBI (GameBoy Interface) you can play you can get the most out of your old Gameboy - GBA carts. GBI is significantly better than the Official software for GB player made by Nintendo.

You can launch Gamecube games from swiss using Wii2Sd adapter or even better an SD2SP2 adapter.

A new ODE has been released called the GCLOADER which can be found here.

 I got my pre-order in on the second wave. I'll be doing a video on it once I recieve it!