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PS2 - Matrix Infinity 2.0 (Better than Modbo)

PS2 - Matrix Infinity 2.0 (Better than Modbo)

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This listing for a super hard to find Matrix Infinity 2.0 modchip. 


Unlike other Matrix Infinity Clones like the Modbo 4 / 5 / Matrix Infinity 1.99s ect, these chips have the Ps1 boot up animation in tact. I've tested on multiple revisions of Ps2 slims and they have the Ps1 boot animation in tact. I believe this must have been fixed in the 2.0 modified firmware. 

Installation Diagrams. 

Use the modbo Diagrams here

The only difference is that SX is labeled S, RST is labeled RE and there's no CX point on the Matrix as it uses a crystal oscillator instead.

Otherwise everything is labeled the same as the modbo chips. 

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