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Ps1 - Bios Replacement

Ps1 - Bios Replacement

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This is a drop in replacement for the original Ps1 bios chip that comes in 3 variations

- 1001 (Ps1 fat style bios)

-101 (Slim style bios)

- Nocash Xboo custom bios

Japanese Ps1s will only allow for backups once modchipped unless you also replace the bios with a NTSC-U bios. The NTSC-U bios in combination with a chip like the PsNee will allow an NTSC-J console to be region free as well as playing backups. 

You can get a PsNee here

This will work in any Ps1 with a 32pin bios. Some launch Ps1s (with the rca connectors) use a 40 pin bios. 

These Pcbs were designed by Mi213. If you'd like to make your own, check out his oshpark page here!

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