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PS2 - Mars Pro GM-806HD

PS2 - Mars Pro GM-806HD

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This listing is for a Mars Pro GM-806HD for the PS2.


These chips are clones of the DMS4 lite chips. 

Unfortunately they're not perfect though, Settings can not be saved in the TOXIC menu. Also support on Fat revisions seems to be spotty. So far these have been tested in a V9 and a V10, in both situations they played region free discs and backups but none of bios commands worked. I've installed these in a few slims and they functioned perfectly fine. 

Holding the following buttons on boot will have the following results

Triangle - Boots to BOOT/BOOT.ELF on the memory card

Square - Toxic Menu

L1 - Disable Modchip

If booting a Ps1 or DVD movie you need to press reset twice to toggle to Ps1 mode. 

Single reset for Ps2 discs.

Here's the information about this chip from an archive of the original game-chip site


A Performance Enhanced modchip

Mars Pro GM-806HD is an enhanced version of GM-806 modchip. In addition to all the functionalities and/or features carried on GM-806, the enhanced GM-806HD provides an additional Devolution mode for installing the HD Loader into memory card for HD Loader direct boot purpose.


Fully support all versions of SCPH-700xx series as well as 75001 and 77001.
Fully support all versions of PS2 SCPH-9000x, 7900x, 7700x, 7500x, 700xx, 500xx, 3900x, 300xR, and 300xx series, no firmware up-date or jumper wire is needed for the changes of versions.

HD Loader direct boot
By applying the Devolution mode provided, user will be able to install the HD Loader into the memory card for HD Loader direct boot function.

User friendly Auto U/I
The user friendly AUTO U/I function will automatically detect the disc media. Disc of PS1 games, PS2 games or DVD movies in spite of whatever the media format D5, D9, CD-R, DVD+/-R or DVD+/-RW is all you have to do is just, insert the disc and enjoy your gaming.

Enhanced media compatibility and stability
Thanks to the newly developed LPP (Low Power Patching) Technology, the A750 consumes less than 20 mA which makes A750 working at a very low temperature environment possible for being working more stable and reliable.

Multi-disc games & Action Replay’s disc swapping function supported
Support disc swapping function which is vital for playing multi-disc games such as Dynasty Warriors 4, as well as cheat-code disc, Action Replay Max for instant.

DVD region free
For playing any region of DVD titles includes Region-free DVD titles, what you have to do is just insert your DVD movie disc and press RESET button once again.

Superb Media Compatibility
Support variety of media includes CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD 5 and DVD 9 for both PSX and PS2 games.

Support variety of Game Emulator and Media Player
Support variety of Game Emulators such as SFC (Super Nintendo) and SEGA Emulator for playing games other than PS games, as well as PS2 Reality Media Player for playing MP3, DivX, MPEG4 and JPEG.

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