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Xbox - Xenium Black Ice

Xbox - Xenium Black Ice

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The Xenium Black Ice is a faithful reproduction of the original Xenium Ice or Xenium Blue chips from Team Xodus.

Element18592 did an incredible job recreating the original Xenium pcbs for this project.

The CPLD code is thanks to Ryzee119s Open Xenium project

Each chip uses new parts and is hand soldered and tested. 

I made sure to get flash memory that works with original Xenium firmware without triggering the self destruct DRM.


These Xeniums come preflashed with official xenium 2.3.1

If you'd like to install a different firmware download the zip file below and extract the desired firmware to E://Apps and run the Xenium tools XBE from your dashboard of choice / file explorer and flash the update. Zip includes 

1.0 - First build very different. 

2.0 - prerelease a bit close to what we're used to.

2.3.1 - final official build

2.3.2  Unofficial Build from makemhz that allegedly removes some self destruct code

2.3.5 - Unofficial build from makemhz with some nice fixes for 1.6 consoles, allows for cheaper flash memory to be used but it disables skin support and slaps the makemhz logo over the original team. 

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