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Ps1 - Mayumi V4 with Breakout PCB

Ps1 - Mayumi V4 with Breakout PCB

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This listing for an Mayumi V4 Modchip for the Playstation 1 (Psone, PS1, PSX)

When installed properly, These chips will allow for Region Free Disc playback as well as Backup support.

This modchip is a 8 wire install and will work on any Ps1 revision except for the early models with the Av Jacks (Pu-7 / Pu-8)

Keep in mind that Pal games will likely have display issues to the 50htz to 60htz differences. 

These chips are programmed to work on North American consoles (NTSC-U) if you have a Pal or NTSC-J console, this will not work for you. 

For install Diagrams I'd recommend checking out Quade's Page Here!

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