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Ps1 - Flash Bios Mod

Ps1 - Flash Bios Mod

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This is a drop in replacement for the original Ps1 bios chip that comes in 3 variations

- 1001 (Ps1 fat style bios) Patched with 

-101 (Slim style bios)

- Nocash Xboo custom bios

Both the 1001 and 101 style bios' have been patched with the PS1 Disc-Based game ID patch from jdfr228. This allows for additional functionality for Memcard Pro users as well as Sd2PSX users who are booting games from discs. 

More info on the patches can be found HERE

Japanese Ps1s will only allow for backups once modchipped unless you also replace the bios with a NTSC-U bios. The NTSC-U bios in combination with a chip like the PsNee will allow an NTSC-J console to be region free as well as playing backups. 

You can get a PsNee here

This will work in any Ps1 with a 32pin bios. Some launch Ps1s (with the rca connectors) use a 40 pin bios. 

These Pcbs were designed by Mi213. If you'd like to make your own, check out his oshpark page here!

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