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Ps2 - Matrix Picfix for V9-V12 Ps2 consoles

Ps2 - Matrix Picfix for V9-V12 Ps2 consoles

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This listing is for a Matrix Picfix for V9-V12 Ps2s. 

The board has been revised to accommodate v9s-12s


For V9 consoles, bridges pads 1 and 2 to set it to the 2kohm resistor

for v10-v12 bridge pads 2 and 3 to enable the 1.5kohm resistor. If installing on a v10-v12 and your console refuses to get out of standby, switch to pads 1 and 2. It's not common but sometimes v10-v12s need the higher value. 


There is well known issues for these revisions of the Ps2s. Basically, if you insert a scratched disc or media that your ps2 just doesn't like, it can crash the mechacon. This will result in the laser burning itself out. There are various fixes for the various revisions but the matrix picfix is debatably the best solution. It essentially detects if the mechacon crashes and will force the console into standby mode which prevents the laser from burning out. 

DISCLAIMER! - It highly advised that you use OEM Ps2 power supplies! I have tested some v12 slims with these installed and using an aftermarket PSU results in the console not being able to get out of standby mode with an aftermarket PSU. This is not an issue with OEM Psus.

These have not been tested in V11 Ps2s as they appear to be super rare and exclusive to PAL regions. The install should be similar to a V10 but it's currently untested.

For installation Diagrams, see the pictures in this listing.

The picfix was originally designed for V12 slim consoles only. The diagrams I wiped up for installing these in V9s and V10s wouldn't be possible without the work and research Done by Haloslayer255 and others in this Obscure Gamers thread here.

If you'd like to make your own picfix adapter, the gerber files and hex files for programming the Pic are available in the dropbox link from the above thread. 

The pcb isn't manditory, You can simply program a Pic12c508 with the picfix hex file and wire the appropriate resistor to pin 5. Having a nice little pcb solution makes the installation much easier, safer and cleaner though. 

I would advise insulating the picfix once it's installed. If something ends up shorting out on the metal shielding or other components you can potentially fry you Ps2. Install at your own risk.

If you feel more comfortable sending your ps2 in for an installation, shoot me an email or discord dm and we can work it out.

How to identify if you have a v12 or v13

The v13 has the official laserfix circuit from sony. 

v13 laserfix can be installed on either the top  or bottom side of the board. Check the areas circled in red. If you have this circuit populated on either the top or bottom of the board, you have a v13 and a picfix isn't needed. If your console doesn't have this  circuit, it's a v12 and a picfix is recommended. 


 Install Video

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