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PS2 Slim with Matrix 2.0 v12 - v17 (7000x 7500x 7700x 9000x) Ceramic White / Black

PS2 Slim with Matrix 2.0 v12 - v17 (7000x 7500x 7700x 9000x) Ceramic White / Black

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This listing is for a Ps2 slim console with a Modbo Modchip professionally installed. It has had the following work done to it. 

  • Modbo Modchip Installed
  • Console has been cleaned inside and out
  • Laser rails have been lubricated
  • Memory card pins have been restored
  • Drive door sensors have been bypassed to prevent issues in the future
  • New Laser installed if needed
  • V12 consoles have the Matrix picfix installed.

Mechapwn was released recently which is a nice alternative to having a modchip installed. However, having a modchip is still the superior choice for the following reasons.

  • Ps1 + Ps2 Region Free and backup support works natively on all models
  • No need for patching discs or having to boot games from ulaunch
  • Force NTSC or PAL mode allows you to properly play / display games from all regions. 

This listing is for the Ps2 slim console only. You will need to source your own cables ect. The console will include a usage guide along with tips for burning discs, Modchip features, button combinations ect. 

The white shell consoles undergo a retrobrite process in order to remove yellowing from the shell.

Please note that the some wear and tear on the shell is to be expected! 

I use Matrix Infinity 2.0 chips which I prefer to Modbo 5 or other variants of the Matrix Infinity clones. The reason for this is a better PCB Layout and these chips keep the Ps1 boot logo in tact. Other Matrix Infinity Clones like the Modbo don't show the Ps1 boot animation.


These consoles are in stock but are typically made to order. Please allow 1-3 business days to get your console properly set up and tested before shipping. If you have any issues with your console down the line, just out to me and we'll work it out.

If you've looking for a specific console revision reach out to me and I'll let you know if I have one in stock. 9000x Ps2 slims have their own dedicated listing.



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